Week 1 - Who has won cash with Every Day is Payday?


Our Bank Holiday winner of £2,000 was Amanda.  Working as a nurse and working all weekend Elliott didn't just make her day, her week but her Year.  After double checking it wasn't a joke she will be buying sweets for her team at work and spending the money on her son and daughter.


After spending the day sitting in the garden, Sherie got the call from Elliott revealing she had just won our Every day is Payday amount of £1,750.  She's now back in the garden with a can of lager.

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After hearing the mention on the radio Nicola text in to enter. Little was she to know that it would win her £1,500 with Every day is Payday. Nicola had been working all day at a Petrol station keeping keyworkers on the road and was speechless when Elliott told her the news. She will be putting the money into savings for a rainy day


It was all about the baby for our second Every day is Payday winner.  After spending the afternoon driving around trying to get the baby to sleep Ashley received the call that she had won £1,250.

The money of course will be going towards things for the little one and both will sleep well tonight.


Christine was our very first Every day is Payday winner.  She wasn't expecting to receive the call from Elliott Holman who revealed that her text that very morning had won her £1,000.

Working from home at the moment, Christine told us how she plans to save the money for now and spend it on a big family meal with her grandkids once the Lockdown has been lifted

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