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NHS teams are backing the ‘Choose Well’ campaign to help people make the right choices when they are feeling unwell. Developed in the North West, Choose Well aims to educate people about the range of NHS services available to them in their local area to encourage them to use them responsibly.


Using NHS services appropriately will help ease pressure on A&E and 99 services and will ensure that people know where to go in the first instance, to get fast, expert advice when they need it, and also how to help themselves if they have a common illness or ailment.



The campaign promotes self-care for minor illnesses and injuries and the use of pharmacy.



NHS hospitals and ambulance services across our region are facing increasing demands on their services. Over 3.5 million people went to A&E departments in the North West last year and the cost of providing A&E services went up last year by 19 per cent to £3.78 million.


As many as one in four people who attend A&E could have been treated by their pharmacist or GP, or did not need any form of medical intervention. In the North West, this cost £20.9 million last year. Replicated across England, NHS North West economists say this equates to a cost of between £80 million and £100 million. Studies by other organisations have estimated even higher costs.


A&E services should be free to deal with patients who have serious and life-threatening illnesses, such as heart attacks, strokes and serious injuries. If you or someone in your  family has a minor illness such as back pain, sore throat, flu, cough or cold, stomach upset or a sports injury, it doesn’t have to be A&E. There are a number of ways you can look after yourself in the first instance.


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