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We need small and medium businesses in Wigan to take part in the new government funded Apprenticeships scheme.

Notable Wigan Industrialists who have benefitted from an apprenticeship themselves include Dave Whelan, Martin Ainscough and Ian Lenagan. Hear what they have to say on the subject.

According to a national employer survey in 2009 benefits of Apprenticeships include:

  • More motivated and satisfied workforce
  • Provide skilled workers
  • Reduces staff turn over
  • Makes staff more competitive
  • Provides higher overall productivity
  • Vacancies are filled more quickly
  • More effective than hiring skilled staff
  • Reduces recruitment costs
  • So, If you haven’t employed an apprentice in the last three years, you may be entitled to a fifteen hundred pound grant as an incentive to support a young apprentice!

    For more details on the scheme click here.

    Alternatively call Jason Hall from the National Apprentice Service on 07920 467886 or click here to
    go directly to the National Apprentice Service website

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