WATCH: What Happens To Firearms Handed In To Police?

Yesterday police launched a two week gun surrender and they have now revealed what happens to the weapons they collect.

The gun surrender is part of a national campaign to try and get firearms off our streets and stop them falling into the hands of criminals.

In the past some forces have made monuments out of the melted down guns but Merseyside Police have revealed they totally destroy them.


During the last national surrender in November 2014 Merseyside Police had a total of 126 weapons and lots of ammunition handed in during a two week period, including 41 firearms.

The police stations in Merseyside which will be accepting guns and ammunition during the surrender are: Birkenhead, St Helens police station on College Street, St Ann Street, Southport, Huyton and Admiral Street in Toxteth but people are being advised to check the opening times of the stations in advance by calling 101 or visiting the Merseyside Police website - www.merseyside.police.uk

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