Young Baby Defying the Odds

A family form Wigan are savouring every precious moment with their daughter who currently the defying the odds to be alive.

Lexi-Mae Brown sufferers a serious genetic condition called Edwards Syndrome (Trisomy 18) which doctors says it's not compatible with life.

After she was born the family from Ince were told she wouldn't live for a fortnight.

Mum Lyndsey says they trying to make as many memories as possible.

"She was born in November, I didn't know anything was wrong with her I thought she was having a perfectly happy baby.

"She wasn't breathing when she came out so they resuscitated her and then took away from us. About three hours later they told us they thought she had Down's Syndrome and were transfering her to Manchester because had some airway problems.

"Five days after she was born they told us she actually had Edwards Syndrome, she had two weeks to live maximum so we should take home and try to make as many memories as we could."

Lexi - Mae continues to defy the odds shes now 14 weeks old Lyndsey says had diagnosis been sooner it's unlikely she'd been here.

"If you get pregnant with an Edwards Baby they encourage everyone to terminate beacuse the babies are just 'not compatible with life', which is the statement that they use. If you do manage to go forty weeks with your pregnacy and if anything hpaeens like with Lexi where she wasn't breathing then they don't intervene".

Despite Lyndsey showing the symptoms of having a Edwards baby Lexi wasn't diagnosed properly until after she was born. Even if she had know the full story Lyndsey says it wouldn't have changed her mind about the birth

No I wouln't have terminated, never. I didn't have the test, you can have the test to see if your baby's Down Syndrome at eight week, but i didn't want it and never would. Anything that's wrong with my babies, they mine."

Thye family are now trying to raise awareness of Edwards syndrome and raise money for Derian House Children's Hopsice in Chorley who have been supporting them.



For Lexi's personal blog visit www.facebook.com/loveforleximae


Edwards' syndrome, also known as trisomy 18, is a serious genetic condition caused by an additional copy of chromosome 18 in some or all of the cells in the body.

Each cell normally contains 23 pairs of chromosomes, which carry the genes you inherit from your parents, but a baby with Edwards' syndrome has three copies of chromosome number 18, instead of two.

This disrupts the baby's normal development and, in many cases, causes them to be miscarried or stillborn.

Babies with Edwards' syndrome will have grown slowly in the womb and will have a low birthweight, along with a number of other serious medical problems. Of those that survive to birth, around half will die within two weeks and only around one in every five will live at least three months.

Around one in every 12 babies born with Edwards' syndrome survive beyond one year, and they will live with severe physical and mental disabilities. Some children do survive to early adulthood, but this is very rare.

Edwards' syndrome affects around one in 3,000 to 6,000 live births.

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